Basic Steps To Follow While Looking For A Rental Property in Canada

If you are looking for a house on rent in any part of Canada, you can have a lot of choices to make. Hopefully, the information below can help you make some decisions more easily.

Where to look for a start?


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The daily local newspaper or weekly community newspaper are the major sources to look for houses on rent. The advertisement section holding lists of rental properties. Newspapers at public libraries are free for read. Many local newspapers are also available online. You have to search for local community newspaper’s website.

Bulletin Boards

Check for bulletin boards at grocery stores, community centers, community clubs, laundromats and other local business. Students can look at college bulletin boards with notices on housing services.

Rental Guides

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Rental guides are available for no cost. These will be available in boxes on street corners or at store entrance.

Rental websites

A number of rental websites are listed online providing you lists with pictures of the rental properties.

Rental locators

There are private companies that will help you to find out a house, according to your needs and demands. There is for sure a fee for this kind of service.


Choose the place you are interested in and walk around the neighborhood. You might bump into sign boards like, ‘For rent’ or ‘Vacancy’ outside or in front of the apartment building or houses. You can even ask the apartment office to put you on waiting list.

Once you decide and fix a house, you should be ready with all the documents, the landlord is going to ask you for.

Some important points to remember here are:

  • Basic information as your name and work place.
  • A letter from your employer stating your annual income to check whether you would be able to pay the desired rent or not.
  • A bank statement that proves you have enough in your account to pay for few months.
  • You may require a guarantor or co-signer, that is someone who agrees to pay the rent in case you are not available for any reason.
  • You might be asked to give a reference of your previous landlord or a friend to confirm that you have been a responsible and dependable tenant.

To avoid any kind of problems, also keep the following in mind –

  • Make sure you are not paying any amount of your rent in cash to the owner.
  • Check if the apartment or the house you are taking on rent is not much cheaper than the other units around. You may find out a lot of faults with the house in that case, after occupying it.
  • Make sure that the landlord is available to show you the unit.
  • If the unit is advertised on different websites, check that the contact number is same and not different on each site.
  • Check that the unit looks the same as shown in the pictures on website.
  • Carefully read the rental agreement or any paper you are asked to sign.
  • Make sure you meet the landlord before signing any paper.

In case of any fraud, you can contact the local police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. You can also look forward for any help from the Landlord and Tenant Board or Community Legal Clinic.